Monday, February 13, 2012

Gaseous Fray: S’quatch Totem

The standard No. 2 pencil was used to auger facial features in a basic elastic corrective implement common to pupils of the 4th and 5th Stratum. S’quatch imagery was prevalent in the overculture at the time. (Recall the young witness was eager to get home early from the Echelon Facility in time to view a transmission on the subject: “Gari ya Miunga”; also: “Gigantopithicine as Bionic Proxy”.)

Gass-Boy would sometimes brandish the totem at random and inopportune moments, often to comedic effect. On the corridor march to the mess hall, he once flashed the amulet to the acting custodian, an easy-going fellow who seemed to be “down” with things. The man was in fact a narco-informant, but had the horse sense to shrug off eccentric but harmless lads waving their makeshift idols in the air.

It seems even in youth there is the anthro-ethological tendency to recognise the power of the talisman, regardless of whether any actual significance has yet to be applied to its schema.