Sunday, March 30, 2014

Orville Daycare Announces Student of the Week

Baby Eddie is a fun, energetic two-month-old boy who is in the advanced nursery class. He is the son of Kevin and Naomi Blumpford. It only takes a few moments to see that Baby Eddie is a cool kid! For example, you will be rolling with laughter when he pretends he is driving his grandpa’s mobility travel scooter.
  Some things he enjoys are crawling around, Mommy’s milk, and playing with all of his toy balls. His favourite three movies are Nemo, Cars and My Dinner with Andre. At school, he loves playing with cars and trucks. One of his favourite foods is moules à la crème normande. He also loves apple juice and the colour orange. Along with the rest of his classmates, he really loves when Mrs. Hiwashita has music time with the class and sings “Pearly Shells.” As you can see, Baby Eddie is a neat kid and is very much loved by his family and friends.