Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Airing of Vindaloo Weekend Stirs Boycott by Fringe Group

The airing of the motion picture Vindaloo Weekend this upcoming Friday on WBLO Channel 13 has prompted a radical politico-cultural group to launch a boycott of the broadcast.
 The Kamasina Takanīkatantrī, or “KT League,” insists that the theme and plot of the movie distort supposed factual events from as far back as Stratum XI.
 The movie’s plot tells the tale of a man ridiculed for his solitude by villagers with “trophy girlfriends” whose shallow relationships prove to be their eventual undoing.
 The movie, released in 2014 by Orville Motion Pictures, went straight to video, with no apparent protest at the time. WBLO station manager Prabodh Gutts waved off any protest as “sour grapes” and states that the movie will air as scheduled.