Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Breastfeeding on the Battlefield? Now It’s Possible.

Dura-Swaddle® Infant Body Armour — Comfort and Protection

In recognising today’s social push for parity between men and women in combat, the Orville Corporation has brought equality one step further for women who “want to have it all” — the introduction of Orville’s Dura-Swaddle® Infant Body Armour.
  The job of keeping baby safe requires a combination of high-level protection and high-level comfort. It’s why Orville developed the next generation of patented fabric technology used in Kevloid® InfantShield™ development for Dura-Swaddle® Infant Body Armour in live-fire combat operations.
  Situations can change dramatically in just a matter of seconds. Mothers on the front line need to react on instinct. That’s why Orville has made a combination of comfort and protection a priority. Dura-Swaddle® Infant Body Armour features patented woven carbon fibre that helps enable armour to weigh at least 20% less than those made with other commercially available technologies, whilst still being made of Kevloid® material.
  Today’s mums certainly know how to pick their battles — and with the help of Orville, they can rest assured that baby is safe whilst they fight the good fight.

Standard Features:
• Level IIIA Ballistic Coverage
• Double Velcroid front closure assures secure fit
• Easily accommodates right- or left-handed personnel
• Removable Ballistic collar (breastfeeding-friendly)
• Orville Kevloid® Supplex-4-ply (keeps ballistic panels clean and dry)

All Camouflage, OD Green, Matte Black.