Monday, July 13, 2015

Harsh Drag: Ur Not the Boss of U Eithr

Scenario I: At Lac des Cloches, Young Pancoast senses some trifle of which he has the need to direct his umbrage at the nearest authority figure. He gathers Froggie and the gang (who don’t exactly know what he’s raving about) and marches up to Courier One to give him a piece of his mind.
 “You’re not the boss of me!”
 Courier One, accosted by the sight of a group of budgie-smuggler-wearing youth spouting some irrelevant argument, could pause to chuckle at the ridiculous spectacle, but instead shrugs nonchalantly and mutters, “Okay. Whatever you guys say,” before strolling off.

Scenario II: Basic office environment. Mr Stoddard casually asks office assistant Miss Sordident if she has heard back from Client X regarding his proof.
 “You’re not the boss of me!” she blurted, poking her tongue out of her mouth at him.
 Stoddard: Seriously? Haven’t seen a tongue stuck out at me since grade school. And she’s a Gulf War Vet? Oh, wait — she bragged that she intentionally got pregnant to avoid redeployment, so it’s clear where the concepts of duty and responsibility (let alone maturity) lay with her.
 “Okay. Whatever you say,” Stoddard mumbled before turning back to his work.

Scenario III: LeVira the Shut-In prided herself in the stately asylum she inherited, but insisted that the rare venturing beyond its walls to audition for Baxter Street strip clubs was “empowering.” This pipe dream along with the toxic courtship with The Hackler furthered her self-deceptions.
 “You’re not the boss of —” Oh hell, she didn’t even say it, but it was implied through her actions that she was not even the boss of herself, seeing how she lost both Asylum Le Rixe and that g*ddamn ’66 T-bird due to her delusions.

For such sensitive souls who no doubt see themselves in charge of their own destiny, every hurdle is viewed as an impediment (external locus of control) placed by The Man rather than recognising personal agency and self-efficacy.
 As Peter Glavodevedhzhe once quipped, “We’d ask you to ‘get with the programme,’ but what programme could you possibly get with? I’m not the boss of you, and apparently you aren’t either.”
Reality can be a harsh drag, indeed.