Saturday, January 16, 2016

On “The Spectrum” 1.2

Back by popular demand — The Orville Corporation has revamped its classic SetUp™ Lifestyle Product into a new social interface for 2016 known as “The Spectrum.” With The Spectrum, social relationships can be auto-directed via emotional actions in various highly distictive styles.
  The Spectrum carries powerful universal values and an indelible tone that will be instantly recognisable. It prompts ortho-directed responses, making people perceive they have “grown” into something above their usual lame status.
  The Spectrum promotes flexible principles that go beyond demographic boundaries whilst scaling psychological echelons.
  The Spectrum is orientated toward symbolic social excellence. It is not necessarily the most advanced solution, but encapsulates the conniving spirit, making it immune to expiration like so many normal fads. The Spectrum is timeless, yet so fresh. The Spectrum stays in sync.
  The Spectrum delivers vibrant social benefits through which those on it will be able to subconsciously tell themselves, “When I buy into this, the type of people I relate to are not losers.” It creates a sense of belonging. Or a sense of unsettling the status quo (even though the results are the opposite). The Spectrum provides clarity and focus.
  By getting on The Spectrum, more people will realise how it dynamically supplants their lack of personal ethos and identity. It generates social traction through long- and short-term emotional feedback loops towards a goal of excellence. The Spectrum is your “story arc” to wellness.
  The Spectrum is the perfect supplement to the art of ego survival. It moves you from caste to caste. There is no single road map to perceived success; no linear progression to “what you want” — unless you get on The Spectrum.