Thursday, December 29, 2005

You knew it was gonna happen... didn't you?

Make no mistake, many people are so busy just trying to survive that they never have the time or energy to dream. It is a hard lesson about life. Getting a clue in this day and age is tough, and doubly so if you are dense.
Success, however long it took to come, will be marked by breaking away from one’s dependency on The Man, not by becoming further dependent on it.
Intuition is often “such a fleeting thing. It also often takes a lot of patience to grasp,” as Johnny Gutts once said.
No matter how noble one’s intuition may be, their fulfillment is eventually guaranteed on this planet, if you hold out. And despite all of the nonsense frequently spouted by Pink Boys, hunches are, in fact, trustworthy.
Everything from Media Manipulation to Plantation Mentality is part of a dastardly plot by the BubbaCabal to make money administering new disinformation programs while taking money from people who need help to achieve their dreams.
When and where did these pink boys and their spokesdudes garner their authority to “demand” more of the working man’s income? Apparently it still isn’t enough to comfort, educate and nurture the wretched.
People who trust their hunches may have the psychological upper hand, but must be cautious of pink boys with a berserker mentality, thinking that everyone owes them, and they are constantly trying to get more and more money, while making everything they touch turn to waste.
Could it be that your intuition is really a growing awareness for less bullsh*t and a reinvestment in pungeoning?