Friday, January 12, 2007

Notes from the Field: Down at the Farm CCLV

• Atrocious macramé vests. Daggy earthtone pantaloons. Frumpy pullovers caked with cat fur. And feet.

Are these couture choices an intentional rejection of ‘style?’ If so, isn’t this still a ‘style’ in itself? An ‘anti-aesthetic’ of stale irony? Shaggy, subdued outré? Is this sartorial anti-formalism even a conscious effort?
Perhaps it’s a null factor fashion achromatopsia -- blindness to these sorts of things since birth. Still, you’d think their friends would tell them how to dress better.
Either way, it is an eyesore as much as the Five Points trophy wives who mismatch their spotted animal prints with striped ones.

• Salt ‘n’ Pepper Munch: “Carpet’s gray for a reason,” says Fake Nick. Well? What’s the reason? Gray matter?

• Dutch points out that the livestock are treated well in the organic process.
“They’re nice to the animals. They feed candy canes to the cows. Natural irrigation and fertilisation, too.” Okay.

• And across the patio, still sore over age-old mourning transgressions, is Ray, angry, drunk and shaking the fence. Is he trying to get in or get out of this terroir?
So much for this place being hormone-free.

• Dutch, again: “Snooty hippie commune/cartel” attitudes that frown upon noisy neighbours while simultaneously ignoring their own germophobic minstrels and other foisted ‘entertainment’ that amounts to a ‘sonic unwelcome.’

• Tai-Chi at Happy Hour.

• White guys rapping to Dido.

You get the idea.

What is one to say of these tired, displayed pretensions?

How about, “E-I-E-I-Oh.”