Saturday, April 19, 2014

Indulgenza nella Nostalgia: Pomeriggi sul Campo presso il Fiume Covone

The Spry n’ Sprightly™ brand currently acts as umbrella semiotic/Cue for the Visions for mainstay totems of (metaphorically) nutritive meme/concepts within the initial 10-stratum span.

The various Sheffield favourites: Cottage cheese, “byo-byo,” shucked corn, Herb Alpert 8-Tracks, Fresca®, “Lives of Our Days,” iced milk, Lark’s “Keith filter,” Venuti’s pizzelles, day journeys to the Lac des Cloches, Dixie Riddle Cups, birch beer, Mass Youth Cavort through the Bug Man’s clouds, and the Mooney Garage Graffiti Gallery (“Don’t read the walls,” Miss Troy ominously once intoned).