Thursday, April 10, 2014

Orville Foods Division Announces New Brand Launch: Punge Kibble™

Orville Foods Division executive Landau Shoger announces the new brand launch of Punge Kibble™, a breakfast concept high in both protein and fibre aimed at both young Millennials on the go, as well as health-conscious seniors.
  “Punge Kibble™ is an important part of any breakfast,” says Shoger.
  Punge Kibble™ features sustainable GEO (genetically enhanced organism) cereal grains based on wheat, muesli, and quinoa whose very DNA is customised to maximise your breakfast satisfaction.

• Punge Kibble™ also helps maximise antibody count. You are what you eat — don’t you want to maximise your antibody count??

• Lower equine part count than competitor brands, with the exception of the Punge Kibble™ Basashi variety for the Japanese market.

• Fortified with Vitamin P23™, a proprietary Orville nano-nutritional bioactive compound that facilitates proper metabolism.

• Stop fearing your dietary intolerance and sensitivities — harness it. Embrace it. To override errors of metabolism, Punge Kibble™ has integrated scouring aggregates, which serves as a (1) intestinal tract abrasive, and (2) toilet bowl scrubber. To further expedite the alimentary process, PK has accelerants to double the time till expulsion and triple the force.

• It takes a new word to describe the amazing taste of Orville’s Punge Kibble™, so we made one up: Pungelicious. It’s when the most exquisite, plump sultanas, succulent Yemeni dates and crunchy Spanish almonds are mixed with nutritious grains and meat trimmings to make one mouth-wateringly delicious breakfast. Nutrition has never tasted better.

• Varieties available: Frisky Feast, Mixed Grille, Veg Supreme, Savoury Offal, Fruit & Nut Medley and Klassic Kibble Delight™.