Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Actually, that doesn’t rule.

Naugahyde Transfusion
Synapse Confusion

The frenzied bash display grasping for a day in the spotlight they chased down just to smooth a frown
Attention-baiting magnets whether they’re Classless Tards or Art Faggottes
Desperation is all the same when you Outer Crutch hides your Inner Lame

Reaction? Swish, swish at the glaring inconvenience of reality
doo-doo flies mocking brickbats
Anomalous jolt to the shadow

“It is the realization of our aspiration we hope to punge along with heartiest reprisal manifesting our sensibilities... We cannot help being particular about Neander-Transgressions...” sayeth the Pungalord.