Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Oily Oracle: Lights... Camera... Hosanna!

Mistaking their own showboating for avant lifestyles, play-tards push other people’s tolerance thresholds...

“And what do you have to share...?”
Something good? The credit’s allll yours.
Something bad? Let the blamestorming begin. (Or, simply bask in Victim’s Pride.)

Sprawled in the comfy chair under the spotlight, who can resist palaverous preening and spinning tales of “empowerment?” Or tales of woe?
And lo and behold, professional back-patters appear like clockwork, ever-ready to fulsomely goad our guests to slog ever faster on the Vanity Treadmill.

And with ease our performers up the notches on the Narcissism Index™ with a bland defense of Doing Your Own Thang. This hunger for Validity Bestowed is simply an Oproid fantasy where a matrix of vague sociological frameworks gives players a free pass to either attribute notoriety and/or luck to Brave Stances, or to shrug off freewill options in order to paint selves as helpless pawns.
[The Oracle telling you what you want to hear. Hmph. Some oracle.]

And where have we seen this pattern before?

• Self-proclaimed rogue “anti-establishment” entities proffering commodified rebellion who have, in reality, become The Establishment themselves.
• The wanting to do just about anything with Relative Justification as Convenient Guarantor.
• “Inspiration” i.e. self-replicating memes that deliver said Justification by overriding reasoner code.

Perhaps Agent Smith can explain how this makes his job easier. See, it is his Oproid-High-5 Meta-Balm that gently invites others to soothe into dependence on the system, giving them sanction for their dance of the naïveté polka. All for show, of course. Little do they realize they’re getting karmically nailed in the end by not ‘fessing up to the obvious:

They are in the Desert in the Real.