Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Time Displacement Side Effects II: The Ache of SLAKE

In the timeline where (where/when) the APF’s HORLOGE project is extant, the physiological effects of time displacement are well documented and properly dealt with on a medical basis.
  The problems that arise from repeated time compression and dilation are of a psychological nature.
  Context Prep, Contingent Provisionals and Multi-Continuum Conditionals are psychological buttresses drilled into every chrononaut candidate, but issues still tend to creep up in a less tangible nature. Metaphysical? Quasi-religious? Existential? Difficult to qualify outside of first person agents such as SLAKE.
  The Shaking-Up of Could-Be’s, Never-Were’s, What-If’s, and What-Should-Never-Be’s in one’s mind does take a toll.
  Faux Nostalgia (that which is misperceived — not a pejorative), Future Nostalgia (?), that which could/couldn’t, would/wouldn’t, did/didn’t, will/won’t, ad nauseum, led to actual nausea.
  It eventually manifested as an arid wistfulness, a gulf of doubt and longing hunger — for what is there, what is perceived, what is ultimately: a scenario — potentialised, romanticised, actualised?

  HORLOGE technicians are currently researching solutions to this troubling side effect.