Monday, March 28, 2016

Project: HORLOGE

Project: HORLOGE
Codename: SLAKE

At the abandoned Naval Air Station off Road Street, the geodesic domes are still visible above the treeline. Beneath Dome B lies a clandestine APF facility funded by the Orville Corporation’s Black Ops budget.
  There is a chamber with computer equipment facing an empty platform.

An analog cross-modulation audio alert [3:31] signals that the device is energising. A flash — and a man appears out of nowhere upon the platform.

Test Run: 04/19/78 [Stratum V]
Materialisation Point: New Caesaria, suburban back yard.
SLAKE materialises beneath the liriodendron and views Subject behind glass door. Subject manipulates audio device noting appearance of SLAKE.

Stratum XII: SLAKE witnesses Subject at Blue Sands Proving Grounds examining vitrified rock. No contact made.

Stratum XIII: SLAKE intercepts Subject on roof of Reid Hall as he does battle with the Party Animals. Subject’s life is saved from a four-story fall.

“Black Boomerang” Incident
Approx. Time (cesium chronometer disabled): Midday, Spring, Stratum XVIII-XIX.

APF ‘Sky League’ recon craft (”The Black Boomerang”) in suborbital flight is spotted by Subject.

  Stratum XXII: SLAKE intercepts Subject en route to the Condor Facility in Attica on suicide mission, saving his life.

Stratum XXVII: SLAKE witnesses Subject’s final disembarkation from the S.S. Reverend Resbo with accompanying soundtrack.

Point of Contention: How can SLAKE see outcomes that need correction when he is from a different time-line himself? Enough evidence is present that identifies SLAKE as the same person as the Subject, so where does he get his info to save Subject, if in other time-lines, Subject’s behaviour results disastrously? The proximity of lateral quantum realities blurs the meta-scope.
  SLAKE the CHRONONAUT is his own Guardian Angel. There is fourth-dimensional “meta,” of which its understanding still lies outside of the scope of current “meta,” of which we can see a limited picture from where we stand.