Thursday, January 19, 2017

“Blast” from the Past:
Tactical Psionic Devices

Courtesy of the Allied Pungeoning Front, Tactical Psionic Devices (nicknamed “Land Minds”) had been embedded in known BBACBL flare-up points during the Rev. Resbo Era [Strata XIX-XXVII]. The TPD’s were equipped with Sheva brainwave sensors calibrated to detect thought patterns exclusive to BBACBL members (thus, civilians would be at no risk).
In these salad days, auto-punge options were not yet technically feasible, so TPD’s had to be detonated manually using Remote Pungeoning Consoles.
  Thanks to the Orville Corporation’s constant reinvestment in front-end technologies, today’s pungeonings can be executed manually or automatically, by either subsurface ordnance, drone, or even satellite.

  How far we have come!