Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Style Trends 2015:
Fainting Couch/Soapbox Combo

A design trend that is quite en vogue this season is the pairing of different furniture styles and periods — and Orville’s team of interior designers and consultants are straight on it.

Most popular in this year’s line is the Fainting Couch/Soapbox pairing. The fainting couch is a faux red velvet neo-Victorian reproduction — nicely complemented by the unfinished soapbox in Urban Loft style.

The soapbox is ideal for college students quick to jump on a cause or eager to brandish some social cred whilst the fainting couch is always nearby to cushion their tender sensitivities from blows of logic and reason that dare knock one off their oratorical stump.
Modestly priced for the uni budget.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Excerpt: Aqua Phoenix

Gutts, J. (1975). Aqua phoenix.
Heritageville: Orville (out of print).
‘What lurks beyond the curtains?’ wonder the curious ones.
  Young lads indeed recognise that unknowns lie abaft and amidst the trees, beneath the rippling lake and behind the passing clouds.
  Things await discovery on the other side of each brink.
  In life’s odyssey, some find themselves there on that far side, needing to break the threshold, to pierce the bounds and transit the quantum state — to be borne again...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New for 2015: The SetUp™ 2.0

Back by popular demand — The Orville Corporation has updated its classic SetUp™ Lifestyle Product for 2015. With it, newly established social interfaces and situational activities can be maximised towards positive ideals (or negative, if one so chooses).
  The new algorithm for the updated SetUp™ works across both online and “meatspace” platforms, further enabling you to integrate all aspects of consumption and social media intake with increased “likes” and guaranteed “retweets” — helping you to facilitate a trans-caste identity based upon emotive applications of meme-casting, synergistic frame-control emetics, and progressive ego augmentation.
  By using re-orientation and re-mapping of cognitive deficits along with PersonaFit™ templates, your social domain will be externally acclimatised. You will freely enjoy sharing activities that are expressive on a wide spectrum — from Conspicuous Consumption to Social Justice.
  Your self-referentiality will also be vigourously emboldened, filtering out “trolls” and naysayers, whilst maintaining a normative reactivity to dynamic incentives.
  No matter what state you live in, you can use the SetUp™ to enroll in affordable, quality lifestyle enrichment.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Classic City Arcade 1214

Orville Systems Analyst Rand Hugoe getting engaged… Miss Finesse struggling with corkscrew… Classic board games at the Men’s Lodge… Outstanding ribs (oak, pecan and peach wood smoked) by Q-Master PB Array at Mack’s Xmas Party… Officer Puland ticketing a poorly parked Prius...

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Path of the Righteous Train 2: C to D

A made it to B.

And C will make it to D.

The Oliver Atrium

The Oliver Atrium — site of the S’amb’r Ql’an assembly back around the Third Stratum. Resplendent in faux-Nouveau d├ęcor horribly popular at the time, it served well as a convivial setting where far-flung tribal members were introduced, and re-introduced.
  No “kids’ table” here — their tables were the same height as everyone else’s (66cm).
  Besides The Oliver, other locales the S’amb’r Ql’an were known at which to convene were the stately Salle de Lavande, The Yardley, and even The Friendly.
  Witty banter always abounded and though bonds were made, sadly some never saw each other again.
  As The Oliver itself was but a temporary front made as a safe haven for the S’amb’r Ql’an to gather, the location had to be scrubbed and Santitised™ to erase any evidence of the assembled.