Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Červnový Osmdesát-5: Konfusion in Karlovy Vary

Straggling out of the cave
past the canopy of slumbering bats
to pile in the Citation and venture onward

Pupils rapidly adjust from zero light to an apparent magnitude of -26.7.

A funk descends under the visage of Pete the Chef.

The eyes, gazing from sun-bleached plastic... focusing, boring down... must be saying something...

Blinded by the sunset, the realization settles in on six of the eight pupils.

“Ray, we’re supposed to be heading east... turn it around!”

Friday, November 17, 2006

Allumez au lac des cloches avec Lyons et l'entraîneur

Tales of giant turtles in the depths
eels creep under a floating dock

Under brush, a lone remnant of brick foundation
burnt mill reminder of days past
horseshoe volley in the grove

Powder jello scarfing before the next event
Twilight meet on the racing blocks
on the hill sits Rachel wearing Fonzie socks

Tiki torch kindles the victory banquet
an unexpected plaque gleams with words of Dr. Salk

In the glee the ‘slave driver’ is hoisted
toss him in the deep end topple in...

...invisible suspension, look around, look up
underwater blue surround, above, beyond the surface
black sky punctuated by streaming white lights
and the fizz of rising bubbles...

Monday, November 13, 2006

EBB: Mapping the Debris Field

UAP Communique 113099
Entebbe Territorial Boundary Relocation moved from 2 minutes, 23 seconds due to BubbaCabal proxies discovered within Ugandoid Autonomous Prefecture as recent as 27 Oct. Media efforts are being made to urge partnership with APF, the local elders, and whatever resources are available to a ‘pro-punge’ workforce with additional tactical training and strategic expansion. In a sense, local negotiation offices have become garrisons for trained operatives.