Wednesday, October 29, 2014

“Dilemma of the Thermite Mogul”

The potentate of pyrotechnics is en route to a professional conference when he encounters an aged Austrian scientist in Midwestern cheese country. The magnate is forced to decide between the scientist's 17-year-old daughter and smelting industry game-changer technological advancement.
  The exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction comes not only from the crucible, but from the burning, forbidden love in this man’s heart.
— Concept by Orville Systems Analyst Rand Hugoe

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

“You Know the Price”

 If you make a move, what are your expectations?
A pat scene so innocent at first
But when it hits the fan, would you claim good intentions
When the urge to save face ruins your word?

I watch again as promises repeat
Embolalia echoes thought to be sweet
But an awakened heart sees through the deceit

Actions have shattered the trifles that you dare say
Nothing else you have will allay
In the end you will pay
You don’t see the big picture, it does not behoove you
You’ve made your bed, true
But you knew the price

It’s all so clear, how you got here
In hindsight, you know the price

The lady doth protest, that is a given
And a man who doth the same
Erases all for that he has striven
I never blinked but the past has
Mapped out all that’s unforgiven

Listen to your words
Empty, absurd
We see through what’s blurred
But you knew the price

It’s all so clear, how you got here
In hindsight,
You know the price

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Enigma II Tiki Discontinued

Stratum XXV Display Idol Assemblies provide the context for main Hi-Five of Tiki [No orientation for Subtropical Instigation module]
Kelekona-Rider (a.k.a “P*ssed-Off Tiki”) couldn’t hold it together.

Tiki at Bay

Stratum XXV Live Idol Assembly defend the Godhead-Context of Tiki Prime [Re-orientation for Burn of Hukei-Lau Instigation]

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Old Back Yard Smashed

At least five tornados were confirmed that touched down in the suburban metro area Tuesday. The Old Homestead on the East Bank was undamaged, aside from the uprooted trees and crushed fence, but next door the Fake Ghoulsby’s garage roof was smashed, although the interior remained intact. No injuries reported.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Airing of Vindaloo Weekend Stirs Boycott by Fringe Group

The airing of the motion picture Vindaloo Weekend this upcoming Friday on WBLO Channel 13 has prompted a radical politico-cultural group to launch a boycott of the broadcast.
 The Kamasina Takanīkatantrī, or “KT League,” insists that the theme and plot of the movie distort supposed factual events from as far back as Stratum XI.
 The movie’s plot tells the tale of a man ridiculed for his solitude by villagers with “trophy girlfriends” whose shallow relationships prove to be their eventual undoing.
 The movie, released in 2014 by Orville Motion Pictures, went straight to video, with no apparent protest at the time. WBLO station manager Prabodh Gutts waved off any protest as “sour grapes” and states that the movie will air as scheduled.

Excerpt: Ponce and the Pauper

Gutts, J. (1977). Ponce and the pauper.
Heritageville: Orville (out of print).
[W]alking down the dark, sketchy street, Ian noticed Elise was no longer by his side.
  G–d damn.

  He turned around and saw her off the footpath reaching into her purse. Facing her stood a shifty man in tattered clothes, staring at the purse like a vulture.
  Slowly, but with purpose, Ian walked up to them with his eyes firmly affixed on the rotter and came to stand facing him without a blink.
  Elise dropped some coins in the sod’s cupped hands, but Ian’s stare-down was enough to have the man back off and wander back into the darkness.

  “What the hell do you think you were doing?”
  “He said he needed change.”
  “Do you know where we are?”
  “This is Ponce. After dark.”
  “He said he needed change.”
  “This isn’t Woodlawn Avenue where you can hand out a tuppence to kindly pensioners. People are mugged, stabbed and raped here. Often. You cannot afford to be ignorant about putting yourself in danger.”
  “Shut up. There’s no argument.”

  In silence they made their way to the Concourse.
  From the corner of her eyes Elise peered at him with her nose in the air, waiting.

  Without turning his head, Ian muttered, “For such a smart girl, you don’t even have the common sense to be contrite...”

Friday, October 10, 2014

Classic City Arcade 1014

P.B. Array pummeling the riffraff at Mack’s... Sarge enjoying a weekend with the old lady away… JZ painting the windows pink… Lovely Lola listening to the whistling… Mr Dutch noticing the leaves changing...

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hva er Vardøger prøver å si?

In this scenario, we make sight of a person we know as “Smith,” from some distance. He may be half a block down, or perhaps across the street. Now Smith isn’t someone we would encounter often, even if we were to repeat the very same footsteps every day. Smith is barely an acquaintance — a friend of a friend, perhaps. We might run into him once, maybe twice in a decade, even in our medium-sized city.
   But as we near Smith and he comes into better focus, we notice he looks less and less like the “Smith” we know with every step. As we catch up and pass the gentleman we realise we’ve mistaken him for someone else, and that he bears little resemblance to our “Smith.”
   It is then that we turn a blind corner and run into who, but the very same Smith of whom we were given some sort of Fortean “advance notice.”
   What are the odds of this happening? More than once, as it has?
   It appears that “Fake Smith” was a premonition given to us in the form of a fading Doppelgänger — a “preview” of the real Smith.
   Again, odds are stacked against this happening more than once in any given person’s lifetime. If it is not an omen bestowed from the beyond, could it be some latent form of “psychic radar” yet undeveloped in the recesses of the mind of current-day homo sapiens?

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Conk, She Weeps

Inonotus dryadeus

Wedgwood Refreshment

An early stratum refreshment common from Sheffield to Avon, quenching the thirst of cavorting youngsters in the summer sun.
  Was the added sugar necessary for youth motivation?
  Probably not — the naturally adventurous spirit was not yet quashed at that time.
  The child’s innate vigour is more important than the beverage he grasps in his hand.