Tuesday, October 29, 2019

“Angelo Custode” o “Figura di Crisi”?

  “The moment you stand on the Platform after Transition, the interpretation of your presence will be completely subjective to witnesses at Materialisation Point,” tersely stated H Team Director Gutts at Pre-Briefing.
  The physiological and psychological side effects of time displacement in chrononauts were well documented and contingencies could be planned for by this point. After all, “Future Selves Solve ‘Meta’ Contingencies Ahead of Schedule” was the unofficial slogan of the APF’s Project: HORLOGE team.
  The vaguer conjectural considerations now at hand were that of how onlookers at the chronological destination would perceive the agent in situ. 4-D Meta-Scope projections remain debatable regarding this specifically (Quantum Blur). Furley subjects such as young Stoddard himself are usually of no great concern because each mission is tailored to his Context Prep, but for others, extra caution should be exercised in subsequent missions.
  Past missions have a positive track record, so the HORLOGE team remains optimistic yet prudent on future endeavours.

Previous CHRONO missions:
Stratum K, Stratum V, Reid Hall, “Black Boomerang” Incident, Attica.

Planned CHRONO missions (as of Stratum XLVI):
a. Crique de Yanick Drowning Prevention (Stratum VII)
b. Batterie CCXXIII ‘Hand-Up’ (“How did they scale the pilings?”)
c. ‘Montego Irradiation’ — Mann under Palmes brings the aloe balm
d. ‘Elysian Pool Irradiation’ — Essiccosi e Malattia del Sole plus Odyssey decadence wilts the carnations during uni prelims. (Intercession plan pending)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

MVP80: Programme Options

MVP80 Protocol — APF Displacement Platform Destinations:

1. Chequers Haus
2. Gardening on the Roof
3. The Vigour of Suburban Youth
4. Clamberdun Centre
5a. Preview: Ned’s Second Wind
5. The Rusting Scupper

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Lo Nuveti-Sajomo Stile

Fontane fastoso flow in the foyer
• Garage becomes Pete’s Farrah-Space
• Signore Vascetta gets the Permanent Wave
Mrs Nuveti embarrasses the boys with Fonzoid attire
• Leather-clad Cosmo manhandles Gass-Boy for the skirt-flipping offence
• Pizzelles pirouette from la Cucina di Avon
Backyard Pantomime, Giannone-style
• D’Amico fakes The Snore at the Trent-Towne Anthro Lecture
• The Spirit of Sisters Horatius keep Flyers’ flames alive

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Ret Mahal — Solid Like A Stone

At Paulie’s Shore: George and KA creatively bring form to a Promethean fortress, untroubled knowing its inevitable demise lies moments away in the surf. The bond of synergy is forged in the creation/destruction cycle. The white sun glares overhead...

“The Castle Made of Sand” — the easy (if lazy) metaphor for the weak foundation, that foolish bet on the ephemeral, those dashed hopes to be brusquely washed away by the indifferent wave of Neptune’s hand.
  But sand and grit have mass and substance, the tangible something one can have care with — to mould, fortify, to build upon, even if the raw substrate began with mere particulate matter.
  Aggregates in flux may bind to a solid with aeon’s patience, but the capacity is there, even if the grains fall through one’s fingers today.
  And so this diversion over the dunes, the teamwork of two pair of hands, a fleeting construction of the moment — all have more potential than any Castle Made of Air.

...The last light of dusk gives way to a lone lighted room at beachhouse quarters, where surly Miss Martha stews in scabrous spite, as her self-interest holds no truck for the same synergy.
  Out in the bioluminescent crashing foam, the nude forms of George, KA and the others joyously leap over the breakers into Neptune’s balmy embrace...

Monday, October 07, 2019

Entity Merger in the Seventh Dementia

In Dementia VII, The Häag merges with Creamy’s to become one entity, administered by the amalgam of Mr Burr and Ms Baleboosteh.
  Both flavours and clientele are also an amalgam of the previously separate parties.