Friday, January 18, 2019

Classic City Arcade 0119

Mr Dutch back on duty at Mack’s... Uncle Ernie readying menu... Mayor Gee grabbing coffee to go... 8TG planning art show... Norm Skafan lamenting local media’s decline over a bourbon... Patel associate giving chutney advice down at the corner store...

Sunday, January 13, 2019

“Thanks”: The Invasion of Ostentation

  In the banquet hall the families had gathered, young and old alike. It was a Feast of Thanks, and almost everyone was grateful for the prosperity of the fading year.
  Almost everyone.
  To one particular person this occasion provided a golden opportunity to command attention to themselves. They could go from table to table making children’s jaws drop and putting a knit in every granny’s brow. They would “shock the squares,” alright.
  That this person was a food runner “just doing their job” is ostensible, and they may very well be thankful themselves behind the admittedly cheerful mien.
  But as families politely try not to stare, making a spectacle of yourself clearly takes priority over lousy job skills and decorum before guests and strangers.

  Jared Gutts — who is as uncultured and brusque as any chav — was just trying to enjoy his turkey but had to bluntly pipe up and state the obvious: “He looks like that Mr Deezen guy from the movies, but with a ponytail and fake jubblies.”