Monday, April 22, 2019

A Very Special Episode of “McPrescott”


  Television network OBC announces a very special episode of the popular talk show “McPrescott” that will air this Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT. Host MacAllister “Seg” McPrescott will feature an “interview” with Jared Gutts, nephew of OBC editor-in-chief Johnny Gutts.

“You, Of All People”

  Having lost another job over the winter, an emotionally unstable Jared Gutts pleads with Uncle Johnny to bail out his sorry ass again. Seeing the opportunity for edifying edutainment, the elder Gutts brings young Jared onto the set of “McPrescott” for a grand castigation before a studio audience by McPrescott himself.
  Johnny Gutts could easily feel shame and hide this family black sheep from the spotlight, but instead discerns that public shaming and ridicule — pungeoning, if you will — may well be the (fingers crossed) Optimal Corrective.
  And “Seg” McPrescott is just the man to administer the medicine.

  “McPrescott” is a show bringing substance to daytime TV at a time when it is largely dominated by ”prole-sploitation” and crappy soaps. Guest lists are comprised of many prominent names in politics, literature, and entertainment, as well as “Joe Public” from Anytown, USA. “Seg” McPrescott never shies away from grilling them excessively, or giving them a troll-job, making him an excellent fit for the OBC network. Check OBC affiliates for local airtimes.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Father Bob Holds Court

Messac-era soirée in the Wiegmannkeller:

The quaint Vascetta gypsy shows a touch of class
Tart Nuveti tries to one-up the upside-down Snoopy — what an ass
Surgeon Houck thinks everyone’s blood is blue
But it’s good Father Bob who wins the attention coup

Thursday, April 04, 2019

The Kenvil Putters

A climb in the Persian silk tree amidst the sore bees’ hum
Roly balance-cavorting on a wooden cable drum
June hibachi picnic with thunder under foot
Crafting scrap-wood ropy boat models in the old tool hut

The green atop the sandy soil grand for growing veg
Crazy Phillip and hounds stew beyond the sleepy hedge
Shaking at the wisping clouds he paces and he sputters
Nothing more to see here but the furley Kenvil Putters