Sunday, December 29, 2013

JEF Talks: Ideas Worth Believing

JEF is the Orville Corporation’s nonprofit arm devoted to Ideas Worth Believing. It started out in Stratum 40 as a brainstorming sesh bringing people and ideas together from three discrete fields of thought: Jobation, Epitropy, Fulsomeness.
JEF Talks brings together the most fascinating thinkers and doers found, who are challenged to give the public a good talking-to. Orville believes passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the universe. They are building a clearinghouse of wisdom from the world’s most galvanized thought leaders, and also a community of the curious to engage in heretofore unspoken ideas and with each other.

Keynote Address:
Johnny Gutts:
The Pungeoning — Transformative Paradigm for the Future

Orville CEO Johnny Gutts lays out an impactful roadmap to personal success using situationism, neosemiotic Narrative smashing, and Orville’s own SetUp™.

Other Featured Talks to Whet Your Curiosity:

Camper Brown: We Beat WalMart!
Classic City Activist and former Low Van Winkle musician attests that run-down, undeveloped dumps are better than local economy-boosting chain stores.

Grumman Sims: Dam the Mississippi!
Orville civil engineer and consultant discusses efforts to lower the worlds ocean levels by damming the Mississippi River, the benefits of a potential “Lake Mississippi-Ohio” and Florida being doubled in land area.

Barry Bluck: Punk Rock Facelift
Successful Kilowatt Klub impresario advises reinvigorating and upscaling your seedy dive/rock venue by introducing late night disco and Zumba.

Jared Staylee: Chasing the Retail Dragon
Top-of-the-ladder entrepreneur asks: Is your sales force plagued with addiction problems? Make it work for you! Make it a profit center...

Davey Garge: How Do We Bring “College Rock” Back to College?
Music Business lecturer takes you on a collective stroll down memory lane with anecdotes and an embarrassing amount of stories (once told as first-hand) being relayed as “A friend of mine once heard [rock star name redacted] tell this story...”

Petra McBreyer: Branding the Tard Virgin Flesh
Social Coach stresses the importance of establishing identity, orientation, social class, and racial or religious membership in regard to social media obligations for people with no personalities.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

La Chute du Rideau: Plaza Cinéma

Ostensibly built as an afterthought behind the “Platt Plaza” zone commerciale off Route de Cheval Noir well before the First Stratum, the lone uniplex grew in popularity due to its proximity to local neighbourhoods.
Feature films were a mainstay as well as matinées for the younger set.
Exorbitant concession prices (for that day and age) forced youngsters to innovate ways of smuggling confections from home into the theatre. A common tactic for moving contraband was to take a sandwich bag containing sweets and stuff it into one’s sock before entering the premises.

Alas, due to the economy and louche mores of the shifting times, the Plaza Cinéma had finally gone pr0n0 sometime after the Sixth Stratum, but not without protest.

Supposedly, it finally closed during the 29th Stratum; a final, ignominious end was reached by Stratum 35: Demolition.

C’est encore frais dans ma mémoire.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Abandoned Temple: ilHaraami ‘ala ra’su riish

By accident, amnesiac Calcia supplanted her past with that of another.
By intention, the Wanubian did the same.

Cognitive disorders are not uncommon after brain injuries in individuals. But what explains voluntary delusions in the collective?
  Hucksters using pseudo-esotericism as their con is nothing new. And neither is the human tendency to follow the piper, whether as a result of PsyOp manipulation, “Mutually Assured Delusion,” or by their own volition in seeking a “better way.” Plus, perceived access to rarefied esoterica, regardless of its actual quackery, does wonders for that constant of human nature we know as hubris.
  As a guy from Radio: Tahiti said, “It’s your house of cards.”

Memory eventually returned to young Calcia. But to the huckster, it appears karma caught up with the con. His temple lies abandoned at the far end of a squalid car park.