Thursday, February 26, 2015

Solitude on the Abyssal Plain

Undersea counterparts to the Uintathérium Intemporel: Trilobites scuttle through the dust and chakroid diatoms drift lazily in the murky void at the bottom of the Paleozoic world.
Desolation and isolation are the norm in this benthic realm — what scant light there is comes from the weak bioluminescence of its quiet denizens. The ambient soundscape is a constant slow slosh punctuated by the occasional bubbling of hydrothermal vents.

The subaquatic fauna have even less self-awareness than the Solitary Uintathere whilst dwelling in a much more inhospitable habitat. It will be another hundred million years before they reach even his primitive scope of the world surrounding them.

If you thought the Solitary Uintathere was a lonely beast, torpidly gnawing on weeds in his swamp-home, think of the antecedent arthropods and phytoplankton in the dark depths that have even less perception. Talk about lonely.

Viewer Discretion: Rather than scientifically exploring ancient lifeforms, this motion picture anthropomorphises prehistoric creatures in order to be more accessible to today’s viewing audience.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Issur and the Boundary

The man returns to the threshold of action/inaction
vis-à-vis that soul that lay between the elements.