Wednesday, February 05, 2014

“Rinse It Out!” — The Orville ORV-X Pro DJ Console/Baby Changing Station

The Orville Corporation’s Electronics Division has teamed with Orville’s own Hygienic Products Branch to come up with the perfect solution for today’s new parents following the busy DJ lifestyle.
  Combining a DJ controller, mixer, audio interface and baby changing station in one unit, the Orville DJ Console ORV-X Pro was designed and built tough for the gigging DJ with baby on the move.
  This is a must-have for every DJ with a baby in diapers. This fold-out portable changing station is so sleek and compact, it fits all the diapering essentials, and is perfect for live gigs because you'll always have a safe and clean surface to change your baby on no matter what club you’re at.
  While the ORV-X Pro gives you plenty of control options, the whole control surface is laid out so dope that you and baby will never feel cramped or crowded while you “mix out the jams.”
Console includes 14 rotary encoders, and six faders. Two jog wheels and turntables offer enough precision for scratch moves, quick-cueing and tempo adjusting.
Also includes:
• Built in wipes dispenser for combination vinyl cleaner and baby bottom disinfectant.
• Vinyl/CD storage case doubles as diaper disposal bin.
• One set each of adult and child headphones so baby can follow along with mix and cue channels.
• Scented diaper sacks available in Patchouli, Pan Rasna, Kiwi-Passion Fruit and Sex on the Beach.
• 40-count pacifiers available in Rave Style or Classic Baby Style.