Friday, June 28, 2013

Yaytsa Vorob’ye: Sphere and Culture Atomise

Trace the rage.

There is the Young Idealist, one yet to learn the lessons of the past. Earnest but naïve, he can afford to fall back on the Good Intentions excuse when beset with fiasco after implementing a system otherwise considered a time-tested failure. He doesn't understand human nature.

“It wasn’t done right,” any true Scotsman is sure to tell him.
  And that Scotsman may ostensibly appear to be an older idealist cut from the same cloth. Maybe he knows more about human nature. If so, why would he push for a system known to fail?

The answer is twofold: 1) Power for power’s sake. It doesn't matter what a mess the rest of the pyramid is as long as he is on top, and stays on top.
  Which implies: 2) Disdain for his own citizens. To adopt knowingly a system that robs people of dignity whilst appealing and pandering to their baser instincts is not a sign of faith in man, but the desire for control via infantilisation and petty distractions.
Panem et circensus. Divide et impera.
He is the old cynic masquerading as idealist.

And what are ye fruits?

  Dysfunctional mentalities running the gamut from artificially high self-esteem down to nihilistic self-loathing.
  A culture of dependence. Asocial adult children given to navel-gazing raising the next generation of same. Neurotic paranoias. Anarcho-tyranny.
  Again, the extirpation of dignity. It is easier to envy than to aspire. It is easier to covet than create. Pride is easier than self-improvement.

This is the path to dust. The seeds are planted.

The culture as planetoid: self-destruction, but on a micro scale.
  Rotting promontories, disintegrating strata, foundations unbound. The asthenosphere shatters, the resonance like massive bone slowly snapping below one’s feet. The mantle has begun slaking with little to support it. Paleoliquifaction churns the particulate individuals into a runny entropic slurry. And in the final destructive cratonic sequence, when the gravitic centre cannot hold, the devolved gleet — of man, of stone — decays into interstellar dust.

Powerless wrath detonated the erythrean sphere; the punctate orb, encumbered by the vecordious masses, took the Sphynx way out and pulverised itself.