Sunday, November 24, 2013

Orville Corporation expands into area real estate markets

The Orville Corporation has expanded the company’s operations entering into the real estate market in the Classic City and Heritageville area.

CEO Johnny Gutts will target properties in in need of modernisation and other ‘diamonds in the rough’ that will garner high returns on investment creating positive cash flow for the corporation. The company will then allocate these assets into existing projects and future ventures.

With a reputation for placing clients’ needs, goals and objectives at the forefront of every transaction, Mr Gutts provides communication, negotiation and management prowess in combination with in-depth knowledge of the Heritageville area’s neighbourhoods and real property market. Earning his place in the upper echelons of highly respected real estate professionals, Gutts and his team specialise in the sale and purchase of homes and fiefs in Classic City and Heritageville. Johnny leads the way with his personal qualities, professional strengths and skillz.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

“Walk Away from the Explosion”

A celebrated Hollywood trope, known for its realistic consideration of international threats and real-world hazards, has trickled down into the collective subconcious, where savvy media consumers can model their astute public behaviour on the omnipotence of celebrity avatars, smugly knowing such nonchalance will go quite far as a defensive tactic whilst roaming exotic locales like the West Bank and Mogadishu.