Thursday, December 31, 2015

“McPrescott” Comes to OBC


  Television network OBC announced a deal that will bring legendary broadcaster MacAllister “Seg” McPrescott to the U.S. cable market. Beginning in February, “McPrescott” will be carried by OBC affiliates nationwide. The programs will be recorded before a live audience in OBC’s Heritageville studios.
  McPrescott himself is determined to bring substance to daytime TV at a time when it is largely dominated by “prole-sploitation,” crappy soaps, and reruns. From the start, his guest lists are comprised of many prominent names in politics, literature, and entertainment, as well as “Joe Public” from Anytown, USA.
  Watching McPrescott on-air, it’s often hard to comprehend that the man steering this dreadnought of conversational snippets is a powerful mogul capable of promoting or negating the very “talent” he is showcasing. But there he is, making even the most worthless guest feel important.
  “We are thrilled to work with Mr. McPrescott, who is a true media legend,” says Johnny Gutts, OBC’s editor-in-chief. “Whether European royalty or a single mom is sitting across from him, McPrescott never shies away from grilling them excessively, or giving them a troll-job, which makes him an excellent fit for our network.”
  “McPrescott” will air on OBC affiliates at 4:00 p.m. EST on Wednesdays. Viewer toll-free call-in lines will be announced at airtime.