Friday, November 12, 2010

Un Rinfresco al Verdi

Domanda del Tomo
e il ghiaccio fratture
le pupille arrivano
assorbito e ascoltando

Bloccare gli occhi con la luce
e il corpo si blocca
il leggero tremore delle farfalle
si muove dopo secoli dormienti

Assaporare il radience breve
come ricorda la vecchia quercia
come il semenzale feltro
quando il mondo era nuovo

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Orville Corporation Sponsors Local Fútbol Club


Meeting their community outreach obligations one rec sport at a time, the Orville Corporation is proud to announce its sponsorship of Las Estrellas, Heritageville’s favourite local club in the youth fútbol league.

“Youth, enthusiasm, and private funding will take the community to the next step... interfacing people and situational activities within a positive context, using Orville’s SetUp™ and LifeCoach™ programmes,” said Johnny Gutts, Regional Brand Manager for Orville.

To promote the “Orville brand,” opportunities beyond athletic relationships and methodologies will be offered, such as: international corporate sponsors, security/clone marketing and PsyOps programmes, instant notoriety, as well as comprehensive self-actualisation modules.

With this in mind, Orville has endeavoured to develop a fútbol organisational philosophy and methodology that serves two purposes: To support the fútbol methodology with specific-interest mental proxies used by Las Estrellas, and to support a programme that allows athletically expressive activities for youth fútbol clubs.

Johnny Gutts adds: “Las Estrellas is a fútbol club with global recognition and background which represents ‘the perfect date’ for us with respect to the sponsorship. We chose Las Estrellas because the institution’s characteristics fell in line with Orville’s philosophy of high performance and dynamic enhancement, along with the global impact of its image. We believe the emotive applications of the passion of Las Estrellas matches the synergy Orville puts into technological development and innovation. Through amusements and especially fútbol, Orville looks to reaffirm its corporate mission which centers on innovation, personal achievement through the establishment of psychological goals, market-attuned teamwork, and the definition of a single objective: to rule.”

“Amusement Is Fun.”

“Our ‘Amusement Is Fun’ tagline is more than just a slogan; it’s the foundation for the way our operatives and athletes interact with the global audience and with one another,” said Gutts.
“This new slogan reflects the importance of the club’s ultra-competent, experienced and fully-devoted athletes. Their commitment and desire to play as effectively as possible has led to the successful fun we all enjoy today.”