Monday, April 06, 2015

Role Strain in the Making

Anyone alive during the last fifty years must be familiar with the tendency and trend of college-age youth to rely on mere spectacle and forced drama to Address Issues and to Raise Awareness.
  Subsequent generations, for a time, witnessed these antics in hindsight, logically noting that such feel-good dramatics at the moment served the hungry ego whilst outweighing any possible practical solutions.
  Ergo, one would think that mature minds would eschew look-at-me shenanigans in favour of persuasive methods with a more rational approach — appealing more to the adult than the child, lest they become a living cliché spouting trite slogans without any thought behind them...
Today’s actual dialogue:

Bystander: “It looks like you strongly believe in your cause. What constructive steps are you taking to remedy the issue?”

Protester: ”Well, um... we’re gonna get together and have a meeting... and decide what actions... like... to take...”

What happened?
  Are today’s youthful protesters unwilling to learn from history or are they unable, given the inarguable dumbing-down of education, nay, even parenting itself?
  Judging from the consequence-free attitude seen in discarded signage left littered thoughtlessly about the quad after their public posturing, one must conclude the worst: the means are the ends themselves — Attention-Whoring 101. Spent theatrics can often be quite a sad curtain call. But let us not allow fading youth get in the way of Nostalgioid Opiates.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jurgætus LXII Attempts Diplomatic Relations with Earth

Jurgætus LXII, Prime Imperator of Jurgætium, has grown wise to the attempts of Zarg VI, Grand Praetor of Xarnaq IV, to curry favour with a certain civilisation on a backwater planet in order to facilitate trade relations between the Xarnaq Praetorium and the world known as “Earth.”
  The Praetorium has recognised psionic traits in early development in certain factions on this planet that, in time, would be mutually compatible with both the commercial goals and cultural relations of Xarnaq IV.
  Unfortunately, as Jurgætium is technologically close to parity with Xarnaq IV, their psychological and psionic aptitudes lag several millennia behind. Prime Imperator Jurgætus is currently attempting inroads at normalising relations with Earth’s power brokers by sending autographed plaques with the imperator’s likeness.
  The Grand Synod of Jurgætium is both confident and optimistic that these overtures will be well received.

Monday, March 09, 2015

“Move It Like You Like It”

C’mon baby, move it like you like it (3X)
You move it like you like it — and I like it, yeah I like it

There’s a place in The Classic City you should know
After school the whole gang knows just where to go
Moving from the heart, it’s all more than just for show
Come on down and move, you girls just grab your beau

Move it like you like it — see the ponytails bob
Move it like you like it — turn up the volume knob
Move it like you like it — pomade’s got it under control
You like it like you rock and you like to roll

C’mon baby, move it like you like it (3X)
You move it like you like it — and I like it, yeah I like it

©MCMLXV WBLO-TV, Happi-Time Productions