Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Puppeteered Proxies of Janie’s Domain

DATELINE: Academie Cloches, Stratum Dos

  Ms Janie instructs students to craft avatars out of brown paper sacks and coloured wax.
  She is simply following the lesson plan.
  Perhaps her views fall in line with the sanctioned pedagogy positing that ego-reframe rubrics are necessary tools to steer younger subjects towards a more manageable psychological control frame by the Central Edu-Cabal.
  This is accomplished by forcing subjects’ external locus of identity onto homuncular thought-forms manifested by everyday arts & crafts supplies. Basically, rudimentary tulpa management for Junior 1 Forms as prescribed by CEC Compliance.
  Still, Ms Janie is simply following the lesson plan.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Salaryman Rama Questions
the ‘Needful’

Salaryman Rama is tempted by Shurpanakha as HR lies in wait...

“Who says who needs what and why?”

...Whilst Corporate Ugandoid chuckles, remembering bygone BBACBL ghosts of incompetence...

“You think you have it bad now?”

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Remote Field Monitoring:
Actionable Results

Security, Safety, Sanity
  The APF’s HORLOGE team can follow agents with biometric position tracking via subcutaneous transponder. This allows HQ to bring agent back to Point of Origin in case of episodic emergency. HORLOGE HQ standardises the collection, integration, modeling, and analyses of disparate data to a robust, unified view. This solution accelerates time-to-value, leverages AI, and enables analytics that can assess agent performance issues across various CHRONO channels.

Intel Gathering — ‘Doing the Homework’
  Gathering intel relies on trusty sources within orthogonal timeframes to enable high quality situational assessments. This necessarily depends on a huge variety of sources from Remebered History, whether public or classified.

“Put it All Together”
  H Team boffins can extract useful metadata from timebot samples at one end, as well as real-time profiles of historical markers at the other. Putting them together is the trick. Manifold intelligence is targeted and contextualised, allowing HORLOGE teams to identify and prioritise events based on the Criticality Factor.

Integrate, Visualise, and Pull Your Thumb Out
  Intel feeds often become burdensome to Timespan Security teams, unless customised targeting is used to manage HistoryFeeds via field agents. When processed with other contextual information, “Rules of Causality” concerns become highly ‘iffy.’ Note that the intel comes from the context associated with episodic incursions which trigger Retrocausality Alerts!
  Potential paradoxes are par for the course, regardless of any Varneau-Gutts Scenario. ChanceCompass™ projections will be shared with analyst teams. Change states in quantum systems alert analysts to calculation errors, and can more quickly correct those errors and manage CHRONO data.
  Clearly the scope of CHRONO Ops varies significantly from agent to agent depending on mission and purpose. The APF supports Project HORLOGE’s proactive integration and use of Timespan Security to protect intel architecture and detect future etheric paradoxes that may arise.