Sunday, May 17, 2015

Condemnation Alley

Young Malinconico and Scarlatti had helmed the 980 ATV Explorer through the wilds of Wedgwood as bravely as they knew how. Though they had no shortage of the exploratory spirit, both were simple recruits not yet versed in the responsibilities of the safety and security of their mission and their vehicle. Alas, they realised their folly as they awoke one morning in the nonesmanneslond territory between Sheffield and Nottingham to find the 980 ATV vandalised and wrecked — no doubt by area mutants.
  Indeed, a valuable lesson was learned thenceforth.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Classic City Arcade 0515

Orville Systems Analyst Rand Hugoe prepping for Punge Expo 2015... Mack’s deshannified and back in business... Mr Arthur churning ice cream and boiling peanuts... Atticus and Macska in Men’s Lodge escape attempt… Big Kahuna making rare in-town appearance... Mr Dutch making the donuts...

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Through the dense wood, vines and brush beyond the land of Deaf Kennedy, young Mrachnyy trudged persistently. He reached a clearing and stood for a moment taking in the scene.
  Neatly trimmed fescue. Some shade from nearby trees. And at the end of the paddock, a chain-link kennel. Several German Shepherds paced curiously back and forth within the enclosure.
  This was in the days before PETA, and Mrachnyy was not accustomed to seeing domesticated animals ignored in some pent-up cage, so what he proceeded to do was not some radical act, but a move based on the simplistic mirovozzrenie of any 5-year-old weaned on “Mutual of Heritageville’s Wild Safari” and Laddadog:
  He simply let the dogs out of their pen.

  Unfortunately, repercussions involved Courier One marching young Mrachnyy up to Mrs. Ock, the knyaginya of the estate, to atone for his misdeeds.
  One supposes the kid learned his lesson. But who the heck bothers having pets just to let them languish out of sight and remain ignored?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fridays at The Continental

After a long week of work, Courier One wants to do nothing more than unwind and outspan. Of course he wishes the same for his spouse — no need for her to fuss with preparing another meal.
There’s a place at the Echelon Facility you can take your whole family to for simple dining and elegant entertainment:
The Continental.

Young Malinconico thoroughly enjoys his grilled cheese and glass of milk — not exactly exotic fare, even for a 9-year-old. But it’s what’s not on the menu that will whet curiosities let alone sate appetites.
Rhythmic belly-dancing complements the murmuring presence of dining families scattered about the deep-gold chamber as they nod along with the melodic beledi.
Fathers elbow their young sons teasingly whilst mothers roll their eyes with a wry grin.
Please join us at The Continental.