Thursday, December 26, 2013

La Chute du Rideau: Plaza Cinéma

Ostensibly built as an afterthought behind the “Platt Plaza” zone commerciale off Route de Cheval Noir well before the First Stratum, the lone uniplex grew in popularity due to its proximity to local neighbourhoods.
Feature films were a mainstay as well as matinées for the younger set.
Exorbitant concession prices (for that day and age) forced youngsters to innovate ways of smuggling confections from home into the theatre. A common tactic for moving contraband was to take a sandwich bag containing sweets and stuff it into one’s sock before entering the premises.

Alas, due to the economy and louche mores of the shifting times, the Plaza Cinéma had finally gone pr0n0 sometime after the Sixth Stratum, but not without protest.

Supposedly, it finally closed during the 29th Stratum; a final, ignominious end was reached by Stratum 35: Demolition.

C’est encore frais dans ma mémoire.