Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Abandoned Temple: ilHaraami ‘ala ra’su riish

By accident, amnesiac Calcia supplanted her past with that of another.
By intention, the Wanubian did the same.

Cognitive disorders are not uncommon after brain injuries in individuals. But what explains voluntary delusions in the collective?
  Hucksters using pseudo-esotericism as their con is nothing new. And neither is the human tendency to follow the piper, whether as a result of PsyOp manipulation, “Mutually Assured Delusion,” or by their own volition in seeking a “better way.” Plus, perceived access to rarefied esoterica, regardless of its actual quackery, does wonders for that constant of human nature we know as hubris.
  As a guy from Radio: Tahiti said, “It’s your house of cards.”

Memory eventually returned to young Calcia. But to the huckster, it appears karma caught up with the con. His temple lies abandoned at the far end of a squalid car park.