Thursday, January 05, 2006

Urban Tribal Trauma: Tactical

Because of the unresolveable conflict introduced by enemy tactics, should the untenable and mutually disadvantageous positions in which we are placed be immediately abandoned?

There are rules of conduct regarding credibility. Without credibility, respect is impossible.

Local tribal leaders of the downtown prefecture met at Eastside Pungeonary to start taking action against recent Urban Trauma forays by Pink Boys. Many other tribes have also been offended. The increasing severity and frequency of infotoxin dispersal has tribal leaders worried.
Tribal leaders turned out to show their pride in the prefecture and to create a momentum to help improve it. The elders would like to form a clench that will cover recent trauma tactics, updates on investigations, and discuss effective security measures. The warriors are joining tribal leaders in their effort. La’han’ai of Tiki Prime was at the meeting to speak. The Idol Access Division can perform site security assessments on deities. He says that he also plans to keep citizens more up to date about forays into their prefecture.

Warriors are also formulating a list of repeat offenders that can be zeroed in on and pungeoned.
La’han’ai encouraged owners to watch for suspicious people or actions and report the activity to the tribe. Establishing a line of communication between tribes is the first step in effective prevention. Other measures include surveillance equipment, trained personnel, bait money and alarm systems.

Misguided idol volitions of the above strictures are injurious to the entire tribe.