Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Classic City Social Parasite

Their prey is not necessarily colony-specific: the material Haves and Have-Nots may be equally targeted, as the sole Feed Determinate is actually the Sounding Board Factor [SBF], also known as the Open Ear Variable, or, in street parlance, the just-being-polite ‘Hey, guess what?’

Social engagements may include SBF encounters, where parasites’ Personal Issues are freely peppered throughout the episode. Thus the listener can be burdened with:

• Tales of Woe™ that retard the temporal flow
• Subdued deployment of EnvyBait™ as positing negative strokes
• A plea for monetary gain, supplemented by the Injustice Narrative
• An exponential rise in the Sounding Board Factor during Brood Cycle, when most issues fester

Suggested solutions to countering the Social Parasite:
• A Pungeoning Stimulus is handy in decontaminating ego states, by either awakening the perpetrator to their illogic or confusing them enough for you to make a quick exit.
• The Gestalt Punge is to be used in extreme circumstances, such as encounters with parasites who follow Tragic Scripts. A total Psy-Discount of all power plays should suitably shred any perceived Mental Contracts.