Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good Advice: Look Both Ways

“The only thing I was ever good at: rolling a tight number... but not too tight.”

Many laud ‘living in the moment’ as the pinnacle of existential vitality, encouraging activity at ‘the edge’ in order to savor the taste of the present.

Jeez. Living in the present is great and all, and is probably the way one should live, but one must first consider the Big Picture in order to see where experience becomes a flexible schematic, where means become ends, and where ‘good intentions’ wind up.

Kids are caught up in the moment... Buzzes without context... Tearing it all up for the sake of itself...

In the spirit of living in the moment, one may forget to adhere to the most basic of principles… ones we all supposedly learned in kindergarten…

“I coulda made it. I saw the drum circle and puppet performance protest acrosst the street. I was gonna have my say... But I couldn’t run in flip-flops...”

Escapism beckons...
But still you must Look Both Ways

An added post-script: Truckers shouldn't do drugs either, just because you may do some Public Good like running over frivolous Hippie Wannabes.