Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Why Can't A Woman Just Be Herself?"

Exhibit A:
Extremes of BodyMod™: Self-doubting FrankenTitty pursuits of socially accepted physiques.
Extremes of SocialStance™: Self-subsuming deployment of strategic lobotomoid Brittneyism as glib, simpering TrophyBait.

Exhibit B:
Extremes of BodyMod™: Contrarian nether-piercing as Rejectile Individuality Statement™.
Extremes of SocialStance™: Puerile airs of oppugnance against both rationalism and romanticism, with the added self-insult of adult pity-pandering.

Female notions of ‘empowerment’ abound across the social spectrum. Unfortunately, many rely upon simplistic visual façades to project deeper conceits of need, worth, protest, ego, etc.
All of which are valid issues until adopted pretenses engender (no pun intended) diminishing returns, resulting in the propagation of conspicuous clichés which, in the end, reveal a larger truth:

Empowerment Assertions = Self-Marketing