Friday, June 16, 2006

Specimen 5 victim of combine accident

Specimen 6 reviews post-mortem:

While the Sidler Saucers hover on periphery of Prattle Zone, combine blades slash datahose; recoil of infostream conduit shattered the plexi-cab, thereby eliminating the Foister who meddled with Crops of Potential.

The future dissolving to the present... to show what painted this Vomick Fever Dream:

The fields at Eagle Road slope toward the beckoning of yellow lanterns, wrought-iron, naked babes and 3-D wiggle fireplace pictures.
Post-repast laps through the house agitate the immature gut.
Thus, on the journey home warm mac’n’cheese erupts upon dank floormats. Without ZGoop™ on hand to aid in cleanup, Courier One ducks into G-Noid Orb Parlor to procure napkin relief.
Shotgun cleanup and back en route via M Ferry, while bobbing in and out of consciousness... ...

Advice of Specimen 6:
De-gauss the skull to repel magnetic dream mines. That, and don’t sprint from the dinner table with a full belly.