Monday, September 18, 2006

Copping Crumbs of Credibility on College Square

Every town square has a rich history of being the community’s stage, soapbox, showcase and sanctuary... a veritable spectrum of municipal mores and happenstance, played out for the public to peruse.

But what of our fair town? Yes, there’s the spiffy, the scruffy, the down-to-earth, and the nutty. But for any downtown fixture that simply doodles a squiggle, thumps a paint can in a drum circle, or spouts self-centered autistic verse, the local culturati reflexively laud as benedictive artistic do-goodery. In light of this, one must take pause, look around, and genuinely suss up this ‘magical artistry that graces our streets.’

And what do we see?

Nihilistic squirmers doodling squiggles, drum circle jerks, and verbal busybodies spouting verse.

Which is nothing new. Nothing ‘magical.’ Nothing that ‘graces’ anything. Thus forcing us to redefine people’s “social schtick” in a way that may conflate the concepts of ‘local color’ and ‘village idiot’ ...demanding us to ‘call a spade a spade.’

A reliance on outward displays often betrays an inner insecurity that whines, “I’m unique -- just like everyone else!” In this case, begging for acknowledgement is tantamount to a metaphysical handout -- an ignis fatuus foisted upon passers-by; gaudy façades are the empty vessels of parched egos.
Eye contact should be avoided.