Friday, February 08, 2008

P-Bones: Baxter Street Pungeonary

Opening Soon MMVIII

Hosts: Mister Kevn Freeney, Nick Bialy and Krafty Will

Opening Day activities will include the Psy-Punge, Clampy Hold, Heresthetic Couplings, Waterboarding by the Bucket Brigade, and the Inanimate Pungle.

All citizens are encouraged to attend; however, Sidlers, Loud Packers, Easy Breathers, Uptalkers and other Loudsters may find themselves escorted around back, put in the pillory and subjected to public humiliation. This is a pungeonary, after all. Il y a une raison pour laquelle le tapis est brun.

Certain local promoters are already salivating over media opportunities to piggyback onto this heralded event. Having been vetted by the APF, promoters Troy Hombre and Hyena Vega will not be invited. They are Permanent Hacks, showboating with their atrocious taste.

Johnny Gutts of Eastside Pungeonary will be present for dedications, demonstrations and autographs for the kids.

Come one, come all. Let’s hear it for “P” -- P-Bones -- the new Baxter Street Pungeonary.