Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday Tipple: Michelada del Jefe

As the blistering dog days in Classic City slowly ebb away, so too do most people’s summer drink preferences. Johnny Gutts advises us not to say adiós so hastily to his particular beverage of choice, for whilst it makes a good quencher during hot August nights, it equally can add a Scoville-spiced savoriness to any drab December eve.

 La Michelada del Jefe

• Fill 1 pint glass halfway with ice.
• Add Bloody Mary mix or tomato juice to halfway.
• Add 2 lemon wedges.
• Add 1 freshly chopped chilli pepper (Fresh jalapeño, serrano, or -- for the brave -- habanero).
• Top off with a lager beer and stir.
• Enjoy.

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