Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fridays at The Continental

After a long week of work, Courier One wants to do nothing more than unwind and outspan. Of course he wishes the same for his spouse — no need for her to fuss with preparing another meal.
There’s a place at the Echelon Facility you can take your whole family to for simple dining and elegant entertainment:
The Continental.

Young Malinconico thoroughly enjoys his grilled cheese and glass of milk — not exactly exotic fare, even for a 9-year-old. But it’s what’s not on the menu that will whet curiosities let alone sate appetites.
Rhythmic belly-dancing complements the murmuring presence of dining families scattered about the deep-gold chamber as they nod along with the melodic beledi.
Fathers elbow their young sons teasingly whilst mothers roll their eyes with a wry grin.
Please join us at The Continental.