Monday, October 03, 2016

Il-Passaġġ Magħżula: The Chosen Path

I had the focus,
You gave a slow kiss,
Spotlight’s callin’ you
Listen, my girl!

Follow that footpath,
Ignore any aftermath
Fame is beckoning
Give it a whirl!

Hear the fanfare blow!
See their interest grow!
Who knows what
You're heading toward!

You can’t hear what I‘m sayin’
Over the sound of what you’re doin’
You can’t pick up a thing of what
I‘m puttin’ down...

That validation
A vital appetition
Just like a hamster
Waiting to be fed

You made your bed there
Under the hot glare
Bail out of the scene
Afore it leaves ya dead

©MCMLXVIII WBLO-TV, Happi-Time Productions

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