Monday, February 27, 2017

Stratum V Hertwall Codicil Notes by Courier One

Stratum V Dictaphone Transcript by Courier One at the Orville Corporation’s Hertwall Codicil:

  “...According to your memo — January 12th — as to give you some remarks in reference to investing our [redacted]... looked at this and thought, ‘Golly, it’s a lot of paperwor—’”
  “This is a bunch of s**t, I’m not gonna do this...”
  “...Started reading the instructions, [...] ...that was shown in the book, and was quite amazing to find out [redacted].”
  “...Really is a bunch of s**t—”
  “...The calls that we did make — with certain customers — could be cut down based on the volume of their business...”
  “...Especially, those who’ve given us zilch.”
  “...Approximately fifteen percent of our customers gave us about eighty-five percent of the business. And some of the businesses given to me — was really, really bad.”
  “...That do not give us —”

[end tape]