Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Platinum Morning

1877 Refortification
1977 Platinum Morning
1997 Implemented Proxies
2007 Eminence Ascent

Awaken with a start, in the dark
and then the curtains part
You remember where you are

Light fills the room with the quiet fanfare of hushing surf on Pactolian Plage below.

Dawn — a smoldering crucible of platinum
bathes the sky a tacit mauve

The sea beyond the fort of St. Catherine, crimson velvet
crescive rippling beads of light

The music of Nightkill births the day
electronic chimes wirble and cascade
arpeggiated sevenths stride across the horizon

solisequious... steady, the ascent

silhouettes of minarets, turrets
ramparts guarding the moment

Glimmer and glint in the folds of satin
she slowly stirs under warm beams and a breath from the sea
and remembers where she is.
As she awakens, she, too, is the dawn.

“Come to the balcony...
Come to the balcony to see...”

Eos Erigeneia, rise from your rest
and come to the edge
between sky and sea