Monday, March 10, 2008

Performative Proxies in 25 Easy Strata

During the Tenth Stratum, the Jung Technocrats sat at the Round Table riffing on campaign dissemination possibilities. Many of these ideas were simple defensive memetics against Pinks, mall-variety Koogs and Jr. BubbaCabal initiates. The crew knew they needed a unified Third-Level paradigm offensive that would target subjects in the aggregate... a palatable mental balm that wouldn’t trigger bothersome counter-belief arguments.
Captain Intrepid, the Orville Corp. delegate to the Pan-Martian Consortium, stood up at the table. He understood the need for a Pavlovian catachresic agent that would have the Performative Utterance potency of a Fnord.
In a word, he simply uttered, “Pavianhodensack.”
The result? Nasal expulsion of lo-fat milk from all at the Round Table.
Die Eisenfrau would not be amused.

— — — — —

It is now the Thirty-Fifth Stratum. The land is awash in both fatuous Splenda™ Idealism and its twin -- smug, Soy-Based Cynicism -- both redolent with paralogical platitudes that go nowhere.
Isn’t it time we resurrect another Fnord that will clear the mental cobwebs of the collective analysand? Will “pavianhodensack” once again do the job? If not, another P-word, perhaps?