Thursday, March 27, 2014

Green Jīqìrén: Push Puppet Talisman

Similar to the S’quatch Totem of later strata, Green Jīqìrén was a talisman bestowed by the elders of Seaside Pungeonary to Scarlatti back around Stratum One. Ostensibly a plastic trifle from the Pearl of the Orient, the asset soon took on a muted undertone of bulldada. Ruby eyes would glimmer in the Higby Beach sunset; the mouth grille quietly glowed like an ancient furnace.   Scarlatti himself probably didn’t have the same enchantment for Green Jīqìrén as others did, for it was but a plaything to him. The icon was eventually lost to the mists of time but its essential image in the back of minds continues through various iterations across the strata.