Sunday, September 13, 2015

Invasion de la Batterie CCXXIII

Long before Seaside Pungeonary was established at Higby Beach, the pre-existing building was a former anti-U-boat bunker from the days of war. Whilst today it sits comfortably snug in the safe replenished sands, back in the Third Stratum it sat with most of its foundation in the surf due to beach erosion. It was then that young Scarlatti and Malinconico decided to breach the off-limits structure.
  Somehow they managed to scale the pilings and rubble to the west portal, which stood a precarious ten metres over jagged concrete slabs that lay in the crashing tide. Inside — in darkness with no power, of course — they traversed the main east-west corridor, passing former powder rooms and shell rooms, guided by the pinpoint of light at the far eastern end of the shadowy hall.
  Though the brief journey was visually pitch black, the sense of history was indeed palpable.