Monday, March 13, 2006

Derwood Smokes Doob

“Time is not on my side... But since I’m in denial..."

Mid-Life Crises in adult males tend to manifest in modes contingent upon the depth of the individual's life outlook. The classic textbook scenario paints a picture of one, who, after years of fronting the image of a "successful," albeit empty career (same can be claimed of marriage, social standing, and personal growth), realizes said emptiness and the futility therein. Self-insult adds to self-injury when the subject remedies his Situation by making comically desperate grasps at out-of-date youth symbology and faux-rebel stances.

This bourgeois dabbling in anachronistic self-actualization is only confounded by the vast array of hedonistic options available.

Alas, no amount of witchcraft can bring him what he probably never had, yet most definitely lost if he did.