Thursday, March 09, 2006

On doubt.

• neurochemical reactions
• function of biology plus stimulus

• ego utility vehicle
• social machinations
• questioning of brain chemistry

It can freeze a man like the electromagnetic pulse before a nuclear event. The interim, either seconds or years; the blast itself, either immolation or ecstasy.

...and what follows?
Is what the heart says simply sleight of mind? Does the subconscious justify a simple need for feeling? Or is this yin-yang a combo of both, blurring the seams of certainty?

Gut/Heart/Mind as Rock/Paper/Scissors
Paralysis lies in the questioning of multiple yet unilateral truths, parallel yet intertwining like DNA helices (never to meet?) spiraling like confetti out of the genetic code, dictating drives, desires and cortical functions to one following Biology’s orders.

Is it time to put over-reasoning aside and allow a smidgen of faith to take over? Why bother to consciously dissect the minutiae of every stroke when you already know red flags would go up were Suspect Circumstance to occur?

It the fear of flawed reasoning that kills the fuel of desire, the teetering of transcendence, the energy of being alive — regardless of whence the feeling came. Reason per se need not be gutted, but put into proper perspective alongside the self-instinct of Faith to fend off That Which Drains.