Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tauntini’s: Orville’s Newest Bar Concept

In this day and age, consumer tastes are indeed becoming more discriminating. And one cannot also deny the rise of social media. The Orville Corporation has taken notice of these two trends and formulated a market solution that will cater to the “Mean Girl” demographic with the introduction of a new concept establishment called Tauntini’s Martini & Muddle Bar.

  Tauntini’s introduces the customer to TauntVision™. Each booth has video monitors linked to cameras atop the Car-Vue/Q-Mast. Joystick controllers allow manipulation of 2-kilometer range cameras that are equipped with state-of-the-art long-range pinpoint microphones as well as high-focus shotgun sound projectors.

 Patrons can single out individuals “on the street” for remote ridicule — all from the comfort of their booth at Tauntini’s. TauntVision™ is also set up to automatically sync with one’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts.
 Beverage selection at Tauntini’s reflects the clientele. All drinks are “high maintenance” — after all, somebody else is making the drinks. (And somebody else is probably paying for them, too.) “Sex on the Beach” is a given — but Tauntini’s also offers Muddled Mojitos, Kiwi-Strawberry Cosmos and the house special: The “Hammered Hamster” — tequila, lime juice, gin, creme de menthe, blueberry Stoli and ginger ale.
 Come down and meet the girls for Happy Hour at Tauntini’s, and share your attitude on the unsuspecting.
Tauntini’s is located on the Level 8 Mezzanine in the APF 6700 Car-Vue/Q-Mast, Barney Scholls Road, Heritageville.