Monday, June 16, 2014

Profiles in Success:
APF 6700 Car-Vue/Q-Mast

The Orville Corporation first unveiled plans for the APF 6700 Car-Vue/Q-Mast back at the end of 2008. The public was impressed and the project had such strong community support that construction was completed ahead of schedule in early 2011.
  Since then, all of the structure’s features have been a rousing success — the aerial transmission tower and helipads, Concourse Q, Sky Deck Alpha (including the Sky Lodge) and pungeonary, as well as the multi-storey car park itself.

• The Q-Mast has kept up with technological innovations and now utilises Orville’s vPunge cloud applications as well as standard telecomm tech in cloudcasting/broadcasting live pungeonings.
• Since completion, the car park has reached the two million car mark in providing 24-hour parking service. It has become a popular “tailgating” destination for fans during college football season.
• Concourse Q has retained a 90% retail occupancy rate, including such major anchor tenants as Fainbridge’s and Scories Précieux as well as such high-traffic restaurant chains as Hungry Mac’s, Favus Faire and Chi Shi China Buffet.
• The Sky Deck Alpha Observation Platform remains popular with the public and has even been used as a filming location for the Bollywood production of Vindaloo Weekend.

• Though the Sky Lodge retains members-only status, its elite reputation is solid and respected the world over.

• A favourite tradition of visiting families is for youngsters to have their picture taken with “Fake Craig” — the unofficial mannequin mascot host located in the ground storey lobby.

The APF 6700 Car-Vue/Q-Mast proudly serves the greater Classic City area in commerce, telecommunications, entertainment and transport needs. The APF 6700 Car-Vue/Q-Mast is conveniently located at the high-traffic transport hub at M23P Motorway and 6700 Barney Scholls Road, Heritageville.

[Spectrum is blue]